VOCAL  ASIA DM / 中華暢聲亞洲音樂協會

Project :中華暢聲亞洲音樂協會簡介

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A Cappella music

Vocal Asia is a platform for Asia's contemporary A Cappella music, was founded in Taiwan. For 2012 Vocal Asia monograph, we got inspiration from the conception of "Six Degrees of Separation", to connect any two people with music and spread it from any other person to every corners in the world. Performing the cover with this conception, and it echoes the essence of A Cappella music, a composition of harmony, human nature, care and listening. Everything Vocal Asia to be devoted to do were motivated by this idea, make A Cappella music be an international highlight of Asia art area in emerging markets, let lovely A Cappella music echoes whole Asia, and spreads over the world.



中華暢聲亞洲音樂協會(Vocal Asia)是目前全世界的阿卡貝拉,純人聲音樂跨國性整合平台,並以台灣為發展基地。2012專刊設計主要是以六度分隔理論為創意概念,任意一個人想在音樂上做連結,透過點與點之間可以發聲到世界上任何一個角落,封面以這樣的概念呼應 阿卡貝拉音樂的本質是和諧與人性,關懷與聆聽組成。而Vocal Asia所做的一切努力與目標都將以此為出發點,促使 阿卡貝拉音樂將成為亞洲藝術領域中新興市場的國際亮點,讓純粹美好的人聲唱響全亞洲,擴及全世界。

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