3x3 Module Potted - Outdoor Garden

Project : 園藝設計

Category : 產品設計

Client : 久統塑膠有限公司

3X3 Potted Garden 

Chiu Tong Plastics Co., Ltd. creates an innovative design to promote outdoor gardening market, different from general potted plants, 3x3 Module Potted is provided with multiple functions and convenient module. Users can choose two sets straight and staggered arrangement, and make it fix with structure, to avoid affecting plants growth; and to make it easy for taking, we design the top of 3x3 Module Potted as handle. For single potted plant, we design peg hole to add functionality of installment, let users can insert it into soil or connect it with pot pallet basin, it is not only available for home decoration, but also enhances beauty of outdoor space. 3x3 Module Potted is easy and convenient for storage, moreover, small tools can be put in the middle space of the Potted set, such as note cards or magnifier to achieve both of teaching and convenience purpose.

3X3 園藝裝飾

久統塑膠公司推廣至戶外園藝市場所做出的創新設計,相較於一般盆栽,3x3 Module Potted提供模組多功能與便利性,使用者可選擇單組垂直陳列,彼此錯位與結構固定,避免影響植物生長,頂端處也可作為拿取的把手功能;針對單盆除了可裝飾居家空間,同時底部增加組裝機能性插銷孔,讓消費者可選擇插在土壤或接水盆器,大大改善戶外室內的美觀性。整體規劃塑膠元件可擁有收納性;單組盆器的上方也可放置不同的功能園藝小器具,如放大鏡(兼記事本)與剪刀,可達到育教娛樂之外,也設計達到操作便利性。

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