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Carrefour i-mpact/家樂福影響力概念店

Project :策略規劃/ 營運模式/店面改造 2.0 



【Friendly | Seeking for Common Good | Local 】

Carrefour i-mpact, making an impact with each little “i”

Carrefour impact:

Carrefour impact, a #new independent store founded by Carrefour in 2019, connects with consumers via #five product appeals; namely, “Unpacked,” “Nature Friendly,” “Sustainable Products,” “Social Enterprise,” and “Buy Local.” The goal is to ensure that purchases made by consumers contributes to the sustainable development of the society.

#transparent, bright white space was constructed for store staff to listen to customers’ questions and demands and respond to them accordingly. Additionally, two #circular display racks were installed to define the various sections and guide customer movement. The #core values of the store were converted into tangible, visible text in the form of big information signs and small “value cards.” The overall space was white in color and embellished with business-related colors of green and dark green. All of the objects were placed after considering the conditions of visitors of all ages, allowing even children and older adults to read and use the items comfortably.


To construct Carrefour impact, the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) collaborated with 3+2 Design Studio to integrate Carrefour brands and redesign existing space. Additionally, it worked jointly with its strategic partner #insight & #impact Hub Taipei to address various core issues: They engaged in multi-party communication and discussion regarding how to renovate and transform the current space; conducted preliminary analyses and research; and maximized the use of the current space given its limited size. Said space included the counter, hand-based rice milling area, education flip cards, and the concepts of five major selections. The overall area and the concept of sustainable cycles are brought together, where recycled materials and display racks are used in different ways to meet actual site demands.

Contrary to the emphasis on “high sales volume per unit area,” more space is allocated to promote good products, differing from the abusive use of space to display numerous products commonly observed in hypermarkets. The goals are to ensure that all customers learn about the philosophies that Carrefour upholds and its commitment to #sustainable development.


Let’s all take part in the pursuit of common good!!

家樂福影響力概念店 Carrefour impact


"Carrefour i-mpact ",改變從每個 i (小我) 出發 !

為2019年成立的 #新型態獨立門市

透過 #五大選品訴求「裸得好、品自然、買永續、挺社企、食在地」與消費者對話,


因此我們希望打造一間讓消費者感受到 #透明潔淨靚白的空間感。藉由店員與顧客的意見回饋,釐清消費者動線與需求,以兩座 #圓形模組展架 定義空間的循環動線,將每一區域定義清楚,把概念店的 #品牌核心精神 給予視覺化:大至資訊牌小至價值卡。整體大量以白色為主體氛圍,搭配企業色的墨綠及草綠點綴。在相關尺寸的設定也考量高齡與幼童,能通用與閱讀的設計。

本次以台灣設計研究院 (TDRI)為中心,串連3+2 Design Studio進行品牌整合與空間設計改造,及策略夥伴 #台大智活 #impact Hub Taipei (社會影響力製造所)協助聚焦核心議題:針對舊有空間進行一連串多方溝通討論,導入前期分析與研究,在有限變動內做最大利用,包含櫃檯 / 手作碾米區 / 教育翻翻牌 / 五大選品理念...等,整體空間結合永續循環的概念,使用回收材質與模組展櫃,可視現場搭配出適合的組合方式。


與大眾通路講究「高坪效」的設計思維不同,我們反向運行,讓出更多空間來倡議好產品的介紹,扭轉商場陳列的刻板印象,希望每個人在消費購物之餘,能了解每一個商品,背後堅持的理念與家樂福朝向 #永續發展的目標共同前進。



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