23"-33'- 48.11'-Shan He Yuan/黃金緯度-山和院

Project : 山和院

Category : 品牌設計,網站設計,包裝設計

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Client : 茗鼎茶國際股份有限公司

23"-33'- 48.11'-Shan He Yuan

Since 1940,『Shan He Yuan』launched into tea business for over 70 years in Chiayi, the place also called Jhu-Luo Shan in ancient time, it means the place is surrounded by hills. Shan He Yuan is halfway up a hill on the Tropic of Cancer, is located at 23"-33'-48.11', a great place with an abundance of natural resources. The natural and great environment makes Shan He Yuan burden with responsibility to insist on making quality tea and create a taste belongs to mountain.

The third generation of Shan He Yuan keeps promoting and advancing the spirit of Tea crafts, to carefully select 49 days of growth tea leaves. To preserve 100% tea flavor completely, it needs to grasp the perfect golden time of 14-16 hours and insist on 14-step traditional methods. Furthermore, it needs to roast and crumble tea leaves for 42 times, Shan He Yuan pays close attention to details of every process.

Making quality tea is not easy, but Shan He Yuan let you enjoy good tea easily.

Furthermore, it needs to roast and crumble tea leaves for 42 times, Shan He Yuan pays close attention to details of every process.The mountain shaped box symbolizes the tea grow in the Ali Mountain range of overlapping mountains; on the other hand, it also represents the golden ratio of tea that tea experts bring the best taste to consumers.

We observed that tea pickers carry baskets on their backs or around their waists, so we used Chinese character of mountain to weave the pattern, and it presents the meaning of eastern culture.The design concept conveys the insistence that tea experts are particular about the taste and skill, and delivers the image that 『Shan He Yuan』 pays respect to human, environment and God.


簡單,不簡單 / Simple, but more.

設計概念: 『山和院』源自1940年,至今70多年時間, 地點位於台灣嘉義,古名又稱「諸羅山」,顧名思義群山圍繞至天際,坐落於北迴半山腰以上,『黃金緯度』50公尺內的位置(23"-33'-48.11'), 其豐富的天然資源,使『山和院』對於做好茶的堅持與屬於山的品味背負著一份使命。

第三代接班人,將『茶職人』的精神發揚光大, 從材料嚴選以生長49天葉片為主, 掌握茶葉精華時段14~16小時,秉持14道傳統手工做法, 尊重製茶每一個環節,加上用心團揉茶葉42次, 將茶韻100%給予保存。製茶不簡單,但,『山和院』卻能帶給您『簡單之道』。

『山型』的特殊包裝設計,除了象徵高山茶來自一座接鄰一座的阿里山樣貌之外; 同時『三角形』的符號,也代表『製茶職人』所調配的黃金比例, 帶給消費者絕佳的口感層次與視覺體驗的感受。觀察『採茶者/tea picker』在採茶過程中所使用的器具, 用於肩背或繫在腰間,俗稱『茶籠』;於是,我們透過『山』的中文字體元素,不斷延伸與重複的編織手法,達到傳承東方文化的意涵。整體包裝設計訴求,只為了傳遞出『茶職人』對品茶與工法的堅持;同時讓『山和院』品牌由內而外,散發出一份對天/地/人的敬仰。

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