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Young Shen Rice Noodles/永盛米粉

Project : 永盛米粉

Category : 品牌形象企業識別與包裝

Client : 永盛米粉工廠

 Young Shen Rice Noodles - 100% pure rice

Young Shen Rice Noodles Company was established in 1910, they insist on making rice noodles with 100% pure rice, and pour their heart into products, only present natural taste to consumers. Selecting best Indica Rice powder in Taiwan to make pure rice noodles with one-hundred years traditional craft, no additives, without bleach, what they only have are pure handmade traditional tasty rice noodles. For this company, we extended the concept of passing down dainty with ancient skills to make brand spirit and visual identify design. To present beauty through Chinese calligraphy, and we also used prefix of company name, Young Shen, as the main image, made it combine with bamboo patterns, transferred Hsinchu traditional sun-dry rice noodles image to brand symbol. It expresses three points, spirits of famers, rights of consumers and heritage of one-hundred years skills, the visual design completely presents staid and mellow spirit of brand.

For gift series, it includes Tomato, Taros, Pumpkin, Purple Potato, Mushroom, Golden Sweet Potato, we outlined the material shape with the line of rice noodles, and the colorful packages completely display original food taste. Young Shen insists complicated and traditional seventeen steps process to produce the most natural and healthy rice noodles, we integrated handmade quality with new image, to break with old and stereotypical image of package, the new visual design expresses essence of local specialty.

The visual design of Young Shen Rice Noodles on package delivers touched taste and dedication to products, and it achieves market segmentation through working out different design styles, dividing consumers into two groups. For normal series, it includes White Rice, Brown Rice, Healthy and Organic. The package design is simple, but presents healthy and delicacy by applying Y sign to bamboo weaving patterns, to recollect the reminiscence of Hsinchu rice noodles.

100% 純米-永盛米粉

起源於1910年的『永盛米粉』,堅持用100% 純米做米粉,對於米粉有著濃厚的情感,更將純米粉創造更多樣化口味,堅持呈現天然原味。秉持傳承百年的傳統工藝, 堅持以台灣在來米製作純米米粉,不添加,無漂白,純手工,用心做出存古風且優質的好米粉。透過本次設計強調「堅持古法,傳承美味」的概念,延伸至『永盛米粉』的品牌精神與識別設計,以書法字體呈現美學價值,同時以Young Shen英文字首「Y」為形象主軸設計,並結合新竹傳統曬米粉竹編元素,轉化為極簡的品牌符碼,劃分三大元素(農民耕種精神/消費者權利/百年技術傳承),視覺完整淬煉永盛米粉細緻內斂精神。

『永盛米粉(蕃茄/芋頭/南瓜/紫心地瓜/香菇/黃金地瓜)』為市售禮盒款 ,繽紛色彩完整呈現食材口味,且運用米粉一絲一絲的線條勾勒出食材樣貌;整體伴手禮替新竹在地增添新氣息,訴求製作程序繁複費時,永盛米粉同時擁有「十七道工法」傳統製程,造就天然健康的米粉,跳脫傳統米粉包裝既定的形象,本次融合新的視覺元素與手作感,完整詮釋伴手禮的本質。

視覺設計將『永盛米粉』用心製粉的美味感動呈現在系列包裝上,以兩種不同消費族群,透過設計風格區隔化,分別代表不同市場,賦予商品文化的內涵。 『永盛米粉(白米&糙米&養生&有機)』為市售一般通路款,包裝設計上採用簡易的包裝結構,利於包裝食材;外觀視覺上利用『Y』符碼,結合傳統曬粉的編織竹器,共同呈現於包裝上,給消費者吃的健康與精緻感,讓人無不懷念起新竹米粉的古早味。

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