Round Happiness with One Heart Pot

Project : 陶鍋

Category : 產品設計

Client : 新旺集瓷


Round Happiness with One Heart Pot

Through cooperating with The Shu's Pottery, a company in Yingee with years of history and skill, we joined a revolutionary experiment on the dining table, to discuss about the relationship between dining table and family. For us, it is very important to have a meal with family or friends, and enjoy the flavor of happiness. The main advantage of One Heart Pot is the wooden plate around the pot; you can install it on the top of pot, then place foods after boiling, enjoy tasty foods with moderate temperature and achieve heat preservation at the same time. Besides, the wooden plate is rotatable, easier to share delicacies with everyone around the table, and enjoy every beautiful moment with people around you.


透過與鶯歌新旺集瓷 擁有多年的歷史與製作技術,本次一同參與餐桌上的革命實驗,探討餐桌和家庭的關係,如同我們跟家人與朋友或情人吃飯一樣重要,可增添不少幸福滋味。此同心鍋最大的設計優點在於周圍多了一圈木頭盤,當食物煮沸完畢後置於餐桌上時,可將木頭盤套於陶鍋上方,在享受美食的過程中,一來可將鍋料夾起至旋轉盤中,促使食材不會太燙入口溫度適中,也具備保溫效果;另外木頭盤也可旋轉功能,利於大家分享美食,共同團聚每一分與每一秒。

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