PACKCRAFTYour Best Assistant


Category : 品牌企業識別設計

Client : 捷貿興業有限公司

PACKCRAFTYour Best Assistant

Packcraft has accumulated more than 30 years of global sourcing experience, professional service model, from the front-end selection of items to the final quality control and shipment. This is also the case, creating the unique value of Packcraft. The corporate philosophy is like the literal meaning of English, Pack & Craft, the meaning of packaging and integration trade, through the company's overall visual symbols, symbolizing the moment when the box opens, you can see the satisfaction and surprise brought by Packcraft; The dark blue is also well-established with companies that are imaginative and imaginative. In the future, we will continue to provide our customers with the most complete services and become the best assistant behind every customer.


Packcraft 至今累積三十多年的全球採購經驗, 專業服務模式,從前端挑選物品,到最後品管與出貨完善。 也正是如此,造就出Packcraft 獨一無二的價值。企業理念如同英文字面上的意思, Pack & Craft ,撿貨包裝與整合貿易的意涵, 透過企業整體視覺符號,象徵箱體開啓的瞬間, 就可以看到Packcraft 所帶來的滿意與驚喜; 同時,深藍色也俱備企業穩重,與想像力豐富的公司。 未來也將持續提供給我們的客戶最完善的服務, 成為每一位客戶背後的最佳助手。

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