Project  : 活瓷按摩器

Category : 產品設計 (矽膠套設計 : 3+2)

Client : 乾唐軒美術工藝股份有限公司

Liven porcelain heat wave massager

Liven porcelain heat wave massager product developed by Acera, redesign together with TRI and 3+2 design studio. Evolution to make Liven porcelain heat wave massager have good function also have fun. This design also got the IF Design Exhibition international awards.

The ceramic and glazed surface can emit far infrared rays and negative ions at normal temperature,it is beneficial to human body.The massager is provided with function to enhance benefit of water heating and far infrared rays. Acera Liven Porcelain Heat Wave Massager helps in improving blood circulation,relieving muscle fatigue and tightness.Besides,the design and appearance is adorable,sphere design of the top is accompanied with a close-fitting thermal insulation silica gel cover for against heat and meets ergonomic requirements that is easy to use.

乾唐軒活瓷 - 熱波按摩器

此產品前身由『乾唐軒 開發與生產』,後續再與工研院與3+2,三方共同進化與設計完成此作品。

乾唐軒活瓷品牌熱波按摩器以文化、藝術元素結合科技工藝,高溫鍛燒後,其陶瓷體土坯及釉面即可在常溫下釋放出對人體最有益良好的遠紅外線和負離子,本按摩器在設計中增加水的溫熱效應,藉著其同調共振傳遞到人體深層組織,迅速有效改善血循,消除肌肉疲勞及僵硬。 同時產品外觀採用可愛造型,在其頭部球體外表設一個具密合的隔熱矽膠套體,可阻熱且握感舒適,符合人體手部設計、易握易操作。

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