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Century-old Tea Aroma Produced

Using the Art of Oriental Tea/東方茶藝,揉出百年茶香

Project :南港展覽館-2020原物料展



“Nurturing the Land for Great Tea.”

Located in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Kae Cha is a raw tea material supplier and a tea-making factory with one hundred years of experience.
Kae Cha is a tea brand introduced by fourth-generation tea farmers and like-minded partners who uphold the philosophies of “high quality, professionalism, and diversity” as they dedicate themselves to producing tea leaves and providing customized, OEM, high-quality Taiwanese tea.

Kae Cha collaborates with 3+2 Design to help it plan and design the “Kae Cha Raw Material Exhibition,” a sub-exhibition of a 2020 expo. The exhibition seeks to change the public’s impression of raw materials by introducing raw materials such as solid wood, cement, soil, green plants, cotton, and linen into an interior space. Additionally, all of the raw materials are “modularized” so that they can be assembled, disassembled, and reused, minimizing wasteful resource usage and achieving the goal of environmental protection. The overall concept of the exhibition is to incorporate the core values of the Kae Cha brand (i.e., being natural, being simple and adorned, and nurturing tea mountains) into the exhibition space so that visitors to the exhibition can feel the beauty and purity of Kae Cha.

Concerning the main visual design of the exhibition, the notion of “tea mountain shapes and authentic tea leaves” are integrated with an interior space to exemplify the images of tea mountains. The interior space and its two side walls are ingeniously designed to symbolize the tea production process that takes place day and night. Various elements are utilized and carefully arranged to embellish the interior space, showcasing the culture and taste of tea.


這是一間位於南投名間鄉的茶原物料商,也是一間擁有百年製茶背景的老技術廠。孚茶園 KAE CHA,由傳承第四代的茶農與一群志同道合的夥伴集結而成的茶料品牌;以「品質優良、專業技術、多元變化」為訴求,致力推廣茶葉生產及代工客製優質的台灣茶。

3+2 Design 與孚茶園合作,協助設計規劃 2020 會展中的「孚茶園原料展」,嘗試打破大眾對原物料的印象,透過以實木材、水泥、土壤、綠植、棉麻等原生材料帶入空間,同時設計整體元素均可模組化,以利拆卸組裝再使用,達到不浪費與環保精神。整體概念就是將品牌核心的價值:自然樸質、孕育整座茶山的概念帶入展場空間,期待每個來到這裡的您,能一同感受孚茶園 KAE CHA 的純粹及美好。


主視覺設計以「茶山形體 &真實茶葉」帶入空間呼應交織,傳遞出茶山的意象。至於空間,二側牆面的設計,則象徵不分日夜的產茶過程,轉化成空間點綴元素,再透過相關元素的陳列,焠鍊出茶的人文與品味。



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