Hai Hai Ren Sheng Ready-to-eat seafood 嗨海人生料理包

Project : 即時料理包

Category : 包裝視覺設計

Client : 基隆區漁會

Keelung, the largest harbor in north Taiwan where is equipped with abounding yield of catch and famous for its’ seafood.

Most residents in this area make a living as fishermen.   


“Hai Hai Ren Sheng” is a series of 3 kinds of ready-to-eat seafood products and all products are made by the most freshest local seafood in Keelung. Consumer could taste the flavor of the sea!   


About the design concept

Naming:  Hai Hai Ren Sheng (Pronounced in Taiwanese)


  1. It is a local proverb and it means life is an adventure. In our lifetime we could face all kinds of incidents, difficulties and happiness.

  2. The pronunciation of “Hai Hai “ is same as “sea” in Chinese.

  3. The naming creatively applied paronomasia of life and sea as well as link to the local characteristics.


Idea highlight: 

Differently from most food related products that use photos as the key images in the packaging design, “Hai Hai Ren Sheng” applies hand-painting to anthropomorphize neritic squid, shrimp and octopus and present the various pictures and scenario of life. Accordingly, these packaging designs play the wording in the slogan to further create the paronomasia refers to the 3 seafood and local proverbs. As a result, consumers could enjoy the fun of local culture and delicious food. 


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