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Girls’ Dream Paradise/少女午後的夢遊樂園

Project : 下午茶飲商業空間

Category : 品牌衍生應用,空間設計,施工工程

Logo Design:Alice Wang

Client : 沐朵MUDO 新加坡餐飲集團

Girls’ Dream Paradise

Located in the prime location of Taipei, this 40-year-old house measures 25 pings wide. It faces the problems of old indoor space, a low ceiling, and insufficient sunshine (caused by beams located in the center). Mudo, which
plans to offer light meals, beverages, and a fun and relaxing chatting atmosphere for girls in said house, is thus required to make major renovations to it.

Accordingly, Mudo hired a designer to carefully divide the indoor space into two areas, creating a walking and ordering space on the left and a chatting and dining area on the right. This designer cleverly made use of the beams in the center to enhance traffic flow, and designed a “large hot air balloon” to minimize the sense of pressure generated by the original space; serve as seats for customers; and beautify the themed restaurant.

To solve the problem of insufficient sunshine, a part of the indoor space was “pushed outside the wall” to draw sunshine into the room. Meanwhile, trees were kept to engender a sense of green filled with the wonderful sounds of
birds and insects, providing an open and pleasant atmosphere for customers. Additionally, three arched doors and a fountain were integrated to fully accentuate the Mudo style, creating a beautiful environment. Furthermore,
swings were installed in the play area for customers to have fun. Lastly, the indoor area was decorated to evoke a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.


The overall space and its pink colors and soft display produce a cloud-like room, making customers feel as if they are in the sky. Neon lights are added as embellishments to give birth to a pink, child-like themed restaurant.




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Mudo 24.jpg

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