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“The Da Vinci Code ,The Perfect Union of Science and Coffee: iDrip Collaborates with the 3+2 Design Studio to Build ‘Coffee Lab,’ Presenting World-Class Pour-over Coffee!” / 達文西密碼 - 科學與咖啡的絕妙關係,iDrip聯手 3+2 Design Studio共同打造咖啡實驗室,呈現世界級手沖魅力!!

Project :台北板橋大遠百 一樓專櫃區


Client:iDrip Coffee / 艾聚普股份有限公司

“Every Drip is Science”

How many varieties of coffee can one make? The answer is “unlimited.” This is because where coffee beans are grown, how coffee is roasted and brewed, and what flavors are added can all be changed to produce coffee of different taste. iDrip taps into the knowledge of a barista champion in coffee bean selection, roasting, and grinding and utilizes the iDrip Smart Pour-over Coffeemaker to replicate the coffee brewing time, water flow, water temperature, and flow speed adopted by the champion to create world-class coffee. By using science to fabricate a precise coffeemaker that can employ the knowledge of the barista champion (i.e., coffee-related water flow, turn number, and rotations), everyone can make world-class pour-over coffee at the comfort of their own homes.

iDrip collaborates with the 3+2 Design Studio to build the iDrip Coffee Lab for 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan (Warehouse No. 5) held in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Here, they present white walls and lights, transparent experimental test tubes, cold metal tables, and a blackboard containing various coffeemaker designs. Emulating the “spirit of science” and “art of coffee,” the coffee lab was designed after many trials and tribulations, giving birth to a perfect environment emphasizing the notion that “every drip is science.” Come and experience the charm of coffee made by the iDrip Smart Pour-over Coffeemaker. 

A considerable amount of steel plates were installed in the exhibition area to create a “lab bench” where the iDrip coffeemaker can be found. Coffee beans grown from different locations and of different flavors are prepared for visitors to make their own coffee.  Here, visitors can select, grind, and brew their coffee beans to experience the charm of pure, flavorful pour-over coffee.

A luminous, transparent display rack is placed on the side of the exhibition area to exhibit coffee filter bags created by over 21 barista champions from more than 15 countries. Each filter bag tells the baristas’ personal stories and exemplifies their unique coffeemaking techniques and taste. Also shown on the display rack are various tea bags such as “Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea” bags designed and developed by Michelin chef André Chiang and coffee bean “Blend Papa Rich” created by 2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion Jacky Lai. 

The iDrip Coffee Lab introduces in its main wall the brand slogan “every drip is science” and its new smart pour-over coffeemaker Da Vinci S. Mechanical design manuscripts similar to those created by Leonardo da Vinci are united with coffee beans and items such as nuts, chocolate, tropical fruits, and flower fragrances to advocate the ideas of “science” and “coffee.”

Most of the objects in the exhibition space were designed using recyclable materials. The objects can also be disassembled, reassembled, and reused to practice environmental protection. In the future, iDrip will also be found in other exhibitions and physical stores. Stay tuned!


「 每 一 滴 都 是 科 學 」

一杯咖啡有多少的可能 ? 從生豆的產區海拔、烘豆的熱力曲線、 杯測微調風味、沖煮出杯,結果有無限種可能,「iDrip」與咖啡世界冠軍合作,由冠軍咖啡師監製選豆、烘焙、研磨再由iDrip智能手沖咖啡機還原冠軍咖啡師沖煮的萃取時間、水流、水溫和流速等繁瑣的步驟,運用「科學」的精密動力裝置計算繞行軌跡,從水流、圈數、圓周運轉,在家中也能同樣的完美呈現「世界冠軍手沖的精準手法」品嘗世界級的手沖咖啡。

iDrip 與3+2 Design Studio共同合作,將於松山文創園區2021臺灣文博會(五號倉庫) 打造「iDrip Coffee Lab」咖啡實驗室,透過潔白的色系與燈光、實驗試管的透明光澤、冷冽的金屬桌台、黑板上所紀錄的設計手稿一同呈現於空間。整體空間設計概念透過不斷試驗與微調的「科學精神」與「咖啡工藝」帶入展場中,強調手沖咖啡的「每一滴都是科學」,期待每位來到實驗室的您,都能一同感受iDrip智能手沖咖啡機所帶來的魅力。


於主視覺一旁展示的發光透明展架猶如試驗室所完成的結果,展示來自超過15個國家、超過21位的世界冠軍所調製的咖啡濾掛包,每款咖啡包皆有著不同故事背景與各個咖啡師的獨特手法包含個人對風味的所想所出,亦展示了手沖茶包。包含米其林主廚江振誠 ( Chef , André Chiang )所調製與設計沖泡手法的 「碳焙烏龍」茶包,與2014年世界咖啡烘焙冠軍賴昱權(Jacky Lai)所烘焙的咖啡豆「繽紛百花」。 

展場中的主要視覺以品牌Slogan『每一滴都是科學 (EVERY DRIP IS SCIENCE) 』為主軸,主牆內展示新款iDrip智能手沖咖啡機 Da Vinci S,中譯為「達文西」,因而於視覺上呈現猶如智者達文西於圖紙上所留下的機械設計手稿,並融合咖啡豆與常見的風味 如 : 堅果、巧克力、熱帶水果、花香等,將「科學」與「咖啡」兩大品牌核心呈現於此。整體空間大部分使用可回收再利用之材質,以利拆卸組裝再使用,達到不浪費與環保精神,iDrip後續也將延伸至其他展覽/店面與各位見面,敬請期待。


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