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熊貓機器人 - Panda Robots

Project : 人型機器人

Category : 產品設計

Client : 台大智能機器所

Gold Awarded - the champion of industrial application-service robot

Panda Robot is an interdisciplinary work cooperated with National Taiwan University iCeiRA (International Center of Excellence in Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research), and the team aims to build a family service robot. Panda Robot makes facial expression by moving eyes and mouth action to interact with people, even rotates its waist from -90 degrees to 90 degrees walks forward. Furthermore, we combine webcam and install Kinect on chest, and it can identify and sense people's facial expression and motion, and build a scanning laser range finder (UTM-30LX) to detect obstacles on the path of walking, and avoid collision. Panda Robot is like your family member, accompanies your children to learn and grow up together, adults entertainment and companion function is available, too. It is provided with both academic and practical application of the intelligent robot and automation industry development, moreover, it was awarded the champion of industrial application-service robot in 2012 National Robotics Competition.


熊貓機器人(Panda Robots)透過與國立台灣大學(智慧機器人及自動化國際研究中心)跨領域合作,情境主要為設計一個以家庭服務為主要目的之機器人,表情部分可透過雙眼顯示與嘴巴動作與人互動、身體也能正負90度旋轉腰身前進,同時結合網路攝影機與胸殼加裝體感(Kinect)裝置,可捕捉人的表情與肢體動作。針對地面行徑間的雷射式區域範圍掃描(UTM-30LX)可避免撞上障礙物。熊貓機器人猶如家庭成員一般伴隨兒童成長與學習,甚至提供成人娛樂及陪伴功能,兼具學術實務應用的智慧型機器人及自動化產業發展,同時榮獲2012全國機器人競賽-服務型機器人產業應用總冠軍。

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