Collection of Happiness and Memory/幸福與記憶的新瓷彙

Project :集瓷

Category :品牌設計

Client :新旺集瓷

Brand New Pottery Collection of Happiness and Memory
Collection – collect happiness
Pottery – memory pottery

Cocera, is literally Ji Ci in Chinese characters, and it is a brand new concept. Ji means concept collection of locality, humanity and innovation; Ci means connection of Taiwanese elements, life memories and material research. Cocera plays a role to connect the happiness (Now) and memories (Past), builds up the communication medium to link the past and modern lives also conveys the "new pottery collection of happiness and memory"

Cocera, a brand which has ten years history, the products always bring people different temperature and life experience, make the pottery is not only a pottery but lasting artistry and life touch. Cocera communicates with consumers directly through products as the medium, to express unusual sensory state.

Cocera helps people to recall their memories in childhood, it including stories heard from adults and lovely dreams, let people collect beautiful memories from childhood. Besides, Cocera owns local human touch and warmness in Yingee, Taiwan, makes people experience happiness deeply and creates a brand new pottery of happiness and memory.



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